About Dr. Langen


Dr. Langen began his writing career with stories about the fascinating people he met or sometimes just imagined.  When he retired from his psychology practice, he wanted a way to continue helping people make sense of their lives and find a feeling of fulfillment about their life choices. He began writing a newspaper column and has published five books on commonsense themes.

He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1971 with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. He worked at Temple University Counseling Center offering individual and group therapy with Temple students. He next worked at De La Salle in Towne, an alternative high school and treatment program for delinquent boys in Philadelphia. He then moved to Western New York where he worked as Supervising Psychologist at Genesee County Mental Health Services in Batavia, specializing in treatment of teens and alcoholics. At DePaul Mental Health in Rochester he held the position of Chief Psychologist and Child and Adolescent Team Leader, offering individual, family and group counseling. He also participated in the Child Abuse Treatment Program. He then entered private practice, offering individual and family therapy with children, teens and adults which he conducted in Williamsville NY and Batavia NY. He began writing a newsletter for his private practice on commonsense wisdom topics. In 2000, he switched to a biweekly newspaper column at the Daily News in Batavia which he continues to publish. His columns are also published online as Sliding Otter Newsletter, available by free subscription at www.eepurl.com/mSt-P.

Dr Langen, also known as Joe, is a retired psychologist. He worked for 35 years with children, teens, adults and seniors helping them with all sorts of stress in their lives. He has also published five books available in paperback and e-book formats through Amazon. He is currently finalizing his seventh book, Stress Briefly Noted, a nuts and bolts book about stress, what it is, how it affects you and what to do about it. It will be offered as a free Ebook through Amazon. Stay Tuned.

He has published six books all available from Amazon:

Commonsense WisdomCommonsense Wisdom for Everyday Life is a series of reflections to help you make sense of  everyday situations and relationships and guide you toward how to manage them.

Navigating LifeNavigating Life: Commonsense Reflections for the Voyage is a second, more recent,  collection of reflections on life issues, further enhanced by practical steps to take toward a more meaningful life.

Young_Man_of_the_Clo_Cover_for_KindleYoung Man of the Cloth is a memoir of his life adventures and challenges during his nine years in the seminary and monastery.

Pastor's Inferno CoverThe Pastor’s Inferno is a novel about a sexually abusive priest and his journey toward redemption for his life.

BookCoverImageRelease Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life is a self help book explaining the nature of stress, where it comes from and what we can do about it.

Make the Best cover

Make the Best of Your Teen Years: 105 Ways to Do It is a self help book for teens, based on interviews with rural and urban teens.

He writes a WordPress blog, Chats with My Muse in addition to this one.  Please visit Joe and his muse, Calliope at www.slidingotter.wordpress.com and join their discussion of the adventures and challenges of the writing life.  See more about his writing at the Sliding Otter Website.

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