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Beat stress on the job


Ever feel stress at work?

Silly question.

But the issue of stress in the workplace and how it can stifle productivity, damage morale and spark employee turnover is anything but silly.

In fact, those who find themselves having trouble keeping calm and carrying on at work are in the majority. More than half of workers said they are stressed at work on a day-to-day basis, and 60 percent said work-related pressure had increased in the past five years, according to a new survey by Menlo Park, Calif.–based staffing firm Accountemps.

Their concerns are hardly lost on executives: 54 percent of CFOs acknowledged their teams are stressed, and 55 percent said worker anxiety was on the rise. Employees polled cited heavy workloads and looming deadlines (33 percent), attaining work-life balance (22 percent), and unrealistic expectations of managers (22 percent) as top worries.

(Excerpt from Howard Riell’s post for Vegas, Inc.- Read more) 

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The Key to a Happy, Healthy Life: Stress Management



The body is wired to react to stress, the fight-or-flight reaction built into us, designed to kick in when faced with danger. Even so, modern day living creates a situation where we continually confront a barrage of stressors that our bodies often misread. After a while, stress will adversely affect your psychological and physical being.  It is essential to actively work to reduce the daily stresses attacking our good health.

Stress will always happen, so the key is to pinpoint the sources of stress to manage it. Look at the various facets of your life, seeking to take steps to reduce your stress in those places. The best way to combat stress is to have a game plan.

(Excerpt from the Dispatch blog- read more)

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