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Compassion is sometimes the best option for police

The police scanner in the newsroom bleeped and squawked. A Waterville dispatcher directed officers to Head of Falls, where a caller reported someone had gone into the river.

It was Monday night, dusk, and cold outside as cruisers entered Front Street and headed east to the Two Cent Bridge.

Excerpt from Amy Calder’s article in Central Maine. Read more.

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Mindfulness and Difficult People


Much of what we hear about mindfulness has to do with how it can enhance the stillness of our mind, soothe our nerves, and awaken our senses for stress management and wellness. But rarely do we hear about how mindfulness can help during encounters with difficult people.

No matter how many self-care practices we embrace, or stress management workshops we attend, we will always encounter people in our lives who have complaints in some form or another. I am sure that you have heard these things said to you or someone near you at one point in your life.

I want to talk to the manager!

You’re not listening to ME!


Excerpt from Debbie Toomey’s article in the Huffington Post- read more

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