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My discovery of the year

Review of Mindfulness Made Simple, Forward by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., Calistoga Press.
 I have been looking for a book which explains mindfulness and what it is all about. I tried reading Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now but found his writing style incredibly dry and soporific.
Recently I ran across Mindfulness Made Simple. I didn’t know quite what to expect since I found listings for many books on this topic. I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity, straightforwardness and clarity of this book. It started with the definition of mindfulness as “the conscious intention to be present in every moment of your life.” The book goes on to explain that this involves observing what we sense, feel and observe without making any judgments. The goal of mindfulness is to become more connected to your body, breath and mind in the present moment. By doing this, you come to accept your thoughts, feelings and experiences for what they are without allowing them to torture you.
The book presents the benefits of mindfulness, including Dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, difficult people and negative thoughts. It also gives specific descriptions of various types of mindful meditation and mindfulness journaling.
I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a more tranquil life on a daily basis.

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How Successful People Handle Stress


There are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe they can make things happen and those who believe things happen to them.

The first group are convinced that the outcome of their lives and careers is more or less in their own hands, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The second group take more of a Forrest Gump approach—they sit around and wait for the bus to take them somewhere.

(Excerpt from Travis Bradberry’s article in Forbes Magazine- See the rest of his article here.

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Too much stress? Tops tips to beat it from Patrick Holford


Stress is a perfectly natural bodily state. Without it, you wouldn’t be alive. Experts will tell you stress is both protective and adaptive.

Stress helps you escape from danger (the “fight or flight” response). It gets and keeps you moving. It is necessary for you to perform at your peak, mentally as well as physically. When stress levels are too high for too long (chronic stress), body and mind begin to sag under the load, creating the groundwork for stress-related illness to take hold.

British nutrition specialist Patrick Holford’s latest book,  The Stress Cure, How To Resolve Stress, Build Resilience and Boost Your Energy, isn’t just another self-help book among the many that weigh down the shelves of bookstores.

Excerpt from Marika Sboros review of Patrick Holford’s book, The Stress Cure- read the rest of the review here.)

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Five ways to prevent hypertension

Sunset in Englewood

According to the WHO, hypertension, which is most commonly known as high blood pressure, is estimated to affect more than one in three adults aged 25 and over, or about one billion people globally.

It is one of the most important precipitators of heart disease and stroke – thereby making it the number one cause of premature death and disability around the world.

High blood pressure is largely preventable through the adoption of lifestyle modifications at early stages. Following are some ways to keep hypertension at bay:

(Excerpt from Dr. Manoj Kumar’s article in The Times of India- read the rest of the article here.)

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10 ways to stop stress now

woman relaxing

Put Stress in Its Place

How you handle stress makes a big difference in how you feel. It might even help your blood pressure, blood sugar level, and the rest of you.  Use these calming strategies to stop stress ASAP. Excerpt from WebMD. See entire slideshow here.)

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Side Effects Of Stress: 5 Things Stress Does And Doesn’t Cause


We all deal with it, but not all of us know exactly what it can mean for our health. Stress is as natural a human response as breathing or scratching at an itch. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding stress and what it can and can’t cause. What many people don’t understand is that not all stress is bad. It could be what saves your life in a dangerous situation. To understand what stress causes, it’s best we understand what stress actually is. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, stress is the brain’s response to any demand. It’s when the brain produces too much of that response that we run into problems.

(Excerpt from article in Medical Daily- Read the rest of the article here.)

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3 ways to turn stress into positive energy

Health psychologist and Stanford University lecturer Kelly McGonigal, who wrote “The Upside of Stress,” believes that stress can help people be stronger and happier when they learn how to embrace it. People can reset their minds to view the negatives of stress as positives.

“Usually when we experience symptoms of stress, we view it as a problem and we try to suppress those symptoms,” McGonigal told Matt Lauer on TODAY Tuesday. “The latest research shows that if we actually embrace the symptoms of stress, we can make them work toward our advantage.” (Excerpt from interview with Kelly McGonigal. See the article and video here.)


cover of release your stressLife Lab Lessons

  • Did you know stress had a positive side? Looking at it this way goes along with the way you look at everything else in life. Some see the advantages and some the disadvantages. Seeing the bright side makes stress a little easier to manage.
  • Try listing what you have accomplished in your life so far by taking a chance and absorbing stress in the process. You might be surprised how much you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. When you look at your stress along with what you have accomplished, the stress might not look like quite so much of a burden.
  • Do you see technology as a stress reliever or another stressful burden in your life? It can be both at the same time. I think it is important for you to keep it in perspective and not let it become the most important thing in your life so that your gadgets take over life.
  • What artistic talents do you have? You don’t need to become a professional artist along with the stress that goes along with it. Art can be a way of relaxing or of expressing your opinions or feelings on any aspect of your life even if just for your own satisfaction.
  • Look at the cost of stress. When planning a project or activity, consider what stress might come with it. Then decide if it is worth it to you or not. It’s a lot like budgeting your money.

(Excerpt from Release Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life)

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Stoking a women’s sexual revolution in the Middle East- Reducing stress for women

In the early 1990s, Mona Eltahawy walked into the women’s section on the metro in Cairo wearing a beige-and-red headscarf that framed her young face. A woman covered in a black veil that revealed only her eyes bristled with disapproval. “Why aren’t you wearing a niqab?” she asked Eltahawy.

Eltahawy had always found the niqab “terrifying” in its ability to render a woman invisible. “Isn’t what I’m wearing enough?” she asked.

(Excerpt from Connie Schultz’s Washington Post Review of Headscarves and Hymens by Mona Eltahawy- Read the rest of the review here.)

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